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Body Language – Scissors …


This is a favourite party game but great to introduce a session on observation or body language.

ScissorsPlace delegates in a circle sitting on chair only, no tables so that the whole of a person’s body is visible. Pass around a pair of scissors saying how you are doing this as follows:

"I am passing these scissors to you open" – the scissors may be open or shut – you are actually referring to your legs which are open and not crossed. Tell the next person to pass the scissors on saying "I am passing these scissors to you …. (either open or crossed)" If by chance or by knowledge of the game the person gets it right, say so and of course tell the person if he or she is wrong and then simply say “"never mind please pass on the scissors either open or crossed" Continue to do this until most of the delegates have realised that you are referring to the legs and not the scissors.

You can now begin your session on observation or body language.

NB Best use safety scissors or child scissors


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