The HR Collection - The HR Administrator Course

This course will help HR Administrators to be more effective in your role as you learn skills specific to the job and explore the importance of documentation, accuracy, timing, sensitivity, confidentiality and a positive attitude.

What you will learn:

  • Why effective documentation is important
  • How to be sure that your documentation is up to standard
  • How to be efficient when preparing a range of HR functions; recruitment, appraisals, discipline, grievance, training etc
  • Effective note taking
  • Report writing skills
  • Mending the net – a session on how to spot potential problems and how to act positively in these circumstances
  • Positive thinking and positive behaviour
  • The real world – understanding where the admin role links with Human Resources policies and activities and the key link with the business
  • Overview of employment law

You may choose from a range of delivery options including:

  • Three day advanced workshops and courses with opportunity to learn and practice new skills
  • One day course with the opportunity to discuss new ideas and learn new techniques
  • Golden Nugget sessions (2 hours) packed with tips and ideas – ideal for busy, experienced managers who wish to update their knowledge and skills
  • A course tailored to your business requirements, day or night, short or long – tell us what you need

We will tailor your course to your company needs and budget AND We also deliver open courses – watch out for our fliers

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