Courses designed for the medical world

Short courses that can be delivered pre surgery, lunch times etc – courses may be half hour to three hours duration and fees start at £180 plus vat.

All courses are designed to your specific requirements.

Team Building

A fun and practical, hands on event where delegates work as teams, discuss team behaviour and produce an action plan to implement back at work. Our experienced facilitator will guide your team through some positive and honest discussion resulting in improved team working back at the surgery.

This event requires participation of all surgery employees including doctors, nurses and administration staff.

Course content:

  • Team development questionnaire (your health check)
  • Communication activity and review
  • Problem solving activity and review
  • The pomelom activity (managing team conflict positively) and review
  • Action planning

Telephone skills

Short course on telephone handling including:

  • Answering the telephone professionally
  • Taking a message
  • Dealing with difficult callers

This course is hands on with some fun ‘back to back’ practice – no role play. Can be delivered with recording facilities if requested.

Conflict Management

Managing the more difficult callers in a positive and friendly way. Some customer care principles.

Dealing with Hostility

Delegates learn a model for dealing with the very aggressive customers.

  • The model
  • Discussion
  • The hostility chart
  • Opportunity to practise (optional)
  • Managing the more difficult callers in a positive and friendly way
  • Some customer care principles

Soft Skills Training

The purpose of the event is to help people who are required to manage the emotional behaviour of others to develop ‘soft’ skills so that when communicating and giving feedback at work they will consider the people on the ‘other side’ of the conversation. The aim is to raise the level of skills and understanding and to give the learners transferable skills as well as increased confidence. The success of the training can be measured by observable change of behaviour back in the workplace. Several sessions are available ranging from one hour to two days.

Customer Care

Learning the principles of customer care through some light hearted customer care activities, discussion and trainer input. The course culminates in the team members identifying their standards and producing a customer service action plan.

Telephone confidentiality

A blend of telephone skills training handling complaints and how to cope with confidentiality in the reception area.

Complaint handling

A course consisting of case studies, a model for handling complaints and a little practise.


We all need a lift sometime and this course is ‘just what the doctor ordered!’ Fun learning activities, some interesting messages, challenge and some time out to shake of the negative energy that some of our clients may have ‘left in the waiting room’. Great fun and uplifting.

Course content:

  • The motivation game
  • Am I an upper or a downer?
  • I believe in me
  • Operating above the line
  • The motivational challenge
  • Releasing tension through fun!

Stress Management

Designed specifically for stress in the medical world for individuals and groups who find themselves in stressful work-based situations and want to manage how they can deal with their stress levels.

Course content:

  • Identify your stress trigger
  • Record your current level of stress
  • Take at least three immediately applicable steps to relieve your own levels of stress        
  • Learn stress relieving techniques

We can also deliver these courses as full day events. Please ask.

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