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Your company may be eligible to receive a government grant towards the cost of training or management coaching.   Please ask us for more details.

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8 options for you to choose from or mix and match

We tailor all of our leadership events to our clients’ needs.  We will design and deliver you a management training programme  to suit your needs and your budget. The following options are given as a guide.  You may choose to select elements from each option and of course we will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

Option 1 - Short Courses

We deliver short courses on a wide range of leadership and management topics including , focussed leadership, managing performance, building a motivated team, customer focussed leadership, effective feedback skills, appraisal interviews, problem solving, new managers induction, facilitation skills, coaching and mentoring, selection interviewing etc.

Option 2 - Modular Training

We deliver modular training, tailored to suit your needs, your timescale and your budget. Modular training can be supported with executive coaching and mentoring support.

Option 3 - Shaping up for Management

Our Shaping up for management programme will make an incredible difference to your company performance and bottom line.

Invest in this three hour programme where your managers will be able identify:

  • Their most prominent management styles and behaviour
  • How their behaviour impacts on both people and performance
  • What is an appropriate style for their individual role within the organisation
  • How to make the transition from the present behaviour to the desired behaviour
  • How to monitor and measure success
  • Further development opportunities

Option 4 - Management and Performance Assessment (MAPA)

What is MAPA?   MAPA is a unique performance audit system that will enable you to quickly and easily identify performance issues and provide proven solutions to improve performance, efficiency and service by developing your greatest asset; your people.

Our consultant will conduct the audit and provide you with a comprehensive report including recommendations for improving performance and guidance with regard to provision of training and support for your people. The service includes consultation and assistance in compiling your action plan.

Alternatively we can provide you with the tool to conduct your own audits. This tool will guide you through a process so you will be able to identify operational performance in terms of efficiency, reliability, service, sales etc as well as measuring employee satisfaction levels, morale issues and frustrations.  You will be able to easily identify both positive and negative outcomes and behaviour, and produce a balanced, practical profile so you can see at glance what action you need to take to make significant improvement to performance and staff morale. The tool will provide you with performance measurement and a staff satisfaction measure, and will give you a choice of actions that can be taken to apply the improvements that you require to make your business succeed.    Using the MAPA tool you will be able to make effective decisions to improve systems, people issues, leadership ability etc within a reasonable budget and realistic time scales.

Option 5 - Leadership Training Resource

We offer a unique training resource, available on cd rom for managers and trainers. Using this resource managers can participate in a self study programme and trainers have an abundance of information and activities to deliver numerous training sessions on an array of leadership topics.

Option 6 - Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful tool to assist busy Chief Executives and Senior Managers.

You are able to book yourself time with a skilled coach and enjoy the luxury of sharing your problems.  Your coach will not give you answers, nor will he or she run your company for you.  What your coach will do is listen, understand, facilitate, open up ideas and help you gain clarity so that you are able to make the right decisions because you have looked at the problem from all of the appropriate angles.

You have the opportunity to discuss operational problems, people issues, employee motivation, reorganisation, and a wide range of topics chosen by you. 

Option 7 - Focused Leadership

The focused leadership course as a catalyst to remind managers to identify clear, workable goals and to give tips and ideas for achieving goals, meeting deadlines, delegating, forward planning, decision making, taking initiative and making things happen. This is delivered as a workshop and managers work on real workplace objectives, issues and needs. This is a great course for new managers and for managers who have lost their 'spark'. 

Option 8 - Customer Focused Leadership

Managers and team leaders enjoy an event where they learn how to be focused in leading their teams with the emphasis on customer focus. The trainer helps them with leadership skills, customer service skills, linking to customer service standards and competencies and then gives ideas and techniques for passing on skills and enthusiasm to their employees. Delegates work on real customer situations and the trainer provides a template to help managers inspire, motivate and train employees in providing excellent customer service. 



Bespoke Training Courses

The above course outline is provided as a sample. We tailor all our courses to suit your company's individual needs

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