How important is it for you to handle conflict in the workplace positively and effectively?

Consider the following:

  • Reducing conflict at work makes your workplace a happier place for your staff to work
  • Training staff to handle difficult customers effectively helps you to avoid losing key accounts
  • Training managers in skills of mediation and diffusing tension will make your organisation  more professional

Equip your managers and staff to handle workplace conflict positively and effectively.

We deliver a range of courses to help you deal positively with workplace conflict and aggressive and hostile customers.

Choose from any of the following courses and we will tailor the course to you specific company requirements:

Handling conflict in the workplace – for managers

Course content:

  • How to recognise potential conflict within the team
  • How create team harmony
  • Understanding emotional intelligence and how to create resonance within the team
  • Mediation skills

Dealing positively with workplace conflict – for managers and staff

Course content:

  • How to recognise potential conflict
  • How to react positively and constructively to workplace conflict
  • Dealing effectively with difficult colleagues
  • How to handle a difficult manager
  • Learning to handle aggression in the workplace
  • Effective complaint handling
  • How to deal with aggressive customers
  • Dealing effectively with aggressive telephone callers
  • Dealing effectively with customers who create conflict
  • Dealing effectively with hostile customers
  • The hostility chart and how to avoid hostility
  • Diffusing skills
  • Withdrawing skills
  • Risk assessment for hostile situations
  • Managing anger
  • How to deal positively and effectively with bullies and manipulative people
  • Other situations as identified by our clients and delegates

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Eleanor Roosevelt

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