Terms and Conditions


Fees are based on a daily rate and include all development work, preparation, handouts, course materials, course delivery, post course support, trainer travel and subsistence. Fees quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Coaching fees are based on an hourly rate plus expenses.

Cancellation Policy

Courses may be cancelled without attracting cancellation fees up to and including 15 days prior to the agreed course date.

We charge half fee for courses that are cancelled within and including 14 days of the course date.

We charge a full fee for courses that are cancelled within and including seven days of the course date.

Where a course is postponed to a later date we may waver the cancellation fee or negotiate a fee to cover any additional expenses incurred.

Special Offers

Special offers that appear on our website, monthly e-bulletins or any other advertising are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Offers may not be claimed after the final date stated in the advertisement
We reserve the right to refuse special offers to organisations that we believe operate in direct opposition to Syd Strike Training Solutions
We reserve the right to refuse certain special offers such as free training courses or discounts intended to allow prospects to sample our products to any company who has previously participated in a similar offer
Offers are subject to availability on a first come, first served basis and we reserve the right to refuse offers subject to availability within the time frame of an offer
Special terms and conditions will sometimes apply to some offers

Simple Guides

Simple Guides are purchased as single units and may not be copied in any form without prior permission from Syd Strike Training Solutions. Where permission has been obtained to use the Guides electronically then the Simple Guide may be copied electronically or on hard copy to be used by the company that purchased the guide (or received as a promotional offer). By ‘Company’ we refer to one site or office, unless provision for wider use has been authorised by Syd Strike Training Solutions. Materials provided may not be used by other training organisations and may not be sold to any company or training provider. Where copying is authorised then the Guide must be copied exactly as per the original document and may not be altered in any way. Sections of the Guide may not be copied or reproduced.


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