A skills and motivation course

Improve customer care and telephone handling in your organisation

A great course for people who are required to receive front line telephone enquiries, take important messages and deal with problems and complaints

Course Objectives

1. Learn and be able to state the elements of effective customer care.
2. Learn skills for dealing professionally on the telephone, offering excellent and efficient service.
3. Learn how to deal professionally with difficult customers on the telephone.
4. Learn how to deal positively with complaints and turn complaints into sales opportunities.

The course will include:

•  Providing excellent customer service
•  The correct way to answer
•  Taking a message professionally
•  Handling the desk and the telephone
•  Voice
•  Follow up
•  Complaints
•  Dealing with hostile callers
•  Dealing with difficult callers
•  Call backs
•  Personal motivation and confidence
•  The spirit of ownership

The Benefits of attending

Front line telephone staff present a professional image

Complaints are reduced
Sales improve
Staff are motivated and enthusiastic
Messages are handled professionally


Bespoke Training Courses

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