Invest in a short day to attend a great practical and informative course that will help you write professional reports.

Course Content

•  Planning and preparation
•  Using the 4P and SCRAPE structures
•  Organising main points into classified groups to a common written objective
•  The 90 -- 90 rule and making it readable
•  Using plain English to manage the fog index
•  Making it informative and concise
•  The rules of good English and punctuation
•  Structured argument to influence and to offer recommendations
•  A style to suit the reader
•  Proof reading to eradicate errors
•  Executive summary and conclusions

The day is based on practical work and examples. Participants are welcome to bring a sample of their own reports for review and development.

Course runs from 10.00am until 4.00pm.

Who should attend?

Those who wish to raise their standards in presenting professional written reports.


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