Managing Attendance

The Collaborative Approach
A dynamic session for managers, supervisors and human resources personnel

Absenteeism costs industry millions of pounds each year.  Do you know how much it is costing your company?  Would you like to become effective in reducing absenteeism?  Then this is the course for you and for your managers. 

What you will learn:

1. Why absenteeism is difficult to tackle
2. What is the collaborative approach?
3. How to manage absenteeism using the collaborative approach

Subject matter will include:

1. Identifying the root cause
2. Partnership
3. Positive management techniques
4. Following procedure does work
5. Helping people back to work
6. Supporting and controlling
7. Working with all stakeholders – the collaborative approach
8. Getting return to work interviews to work for you
9. Making home visits an effective tool to reduce absenteeism
10. The Fit Note

You need to start sometime and now is the best time

•  Reduce absence and wastage
•  Increase motivation
•  Learn the skills of managing attendance
•  Reduce problems in the workplace

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