February 2024
Issue 135

This month's theme - Delivering Powerful Presentations

How to deliver presentations
that win business, influence,
motivate and give you credibility

In this Issue

How to deliver powerful presentations
Making meetings work: presenting in meetings
•  Dynamic training presentations
Free video handout: Presentation Skills 
Offer of the month: Presentation Skills Training
Quote of the Month: Albert Einstein
 How to deliver powerful presentations

An email to Syd Strike following a presentation skills training course Syd had delivered:

"While working on the exhibition stand two people approached the stand to say they really enjoyed my presentation at a recent conference a week or so earlier. They said it was the most impactful they had seen while at the conference. Furthermore they went on to say they should be doing more business with my company, which is really great news for us.

So once again thank you for your support and guidance during the training days, as it seems to be really paying off!”

Powerful Presentations are POWERFUL because they get results. Of course delivering amazing presentations involves preparation, great content and powerful delivery. However Syd has been delivering presentations and delivering presentation skills training for many years and he believes that as well all of the preparation what really makes the difference is coaching, feedback and the ability to end with and amazing ‘sell’ ... so often lacking in presentations.

To summarise a powerful presentation ...

  • Be clear about what you want your presentation to achieve
  • Know your audience and what will engage your audience
  • Learn how to prepare your content
  • Weave your message right through your presentation
  • Get feedback from a coach, trainer or a trusted and honest critic
  • Practice and improve
  • Start with a BANG and End with a SELL

Want some help?

Email Reply ‘Help’ and we will contact you and for a FREE video handout on presentation skills Email Reply ‘Video’


  Making meetings work – presenting in meetings

Here is just one technique to make sure you make an impact at any meeting

Use the powerful presentations principle

Use the ‘meetings success formula’ below in every meeting ... never sit back or just be a responder ... make your meeting contribution dynamic

  • Tell people what you and/or your department have achieved
  • Tell the meeting members you plan, goals, targets for the next period
  • Tell them how they can help you achieve (emphasising how it is for the benefit of all)
  • Follow up with individuals after the meeting - make things happen

To enquire about practical and engaging meeting skills training email reply ‘Meetings’


  Dynamic Training Sessions

By definition a dynamic training session is a session that is ‘characterized by constant change, activity, or progress’ and according to Oxford Languages is a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

How do you find training courses you attend, whether face to face, remote or E learning? Do they fit the descriptions above?

That’s what we do at Syd Strike Training ... and our Train the Train courses, programmes and coaching can help your trainers become ‘dynamic’ trainers. We talk about the ‘Crazy Trainer’.

Really this is the dynamic trainer whose delivery, style, and results are ‘definitely different’ ‘crazy’ in the most positive way and ‘dynamic’

Ask us about dynamic train the trainer courses. Email Reply ‘trainer’ and we will get in touch with you. No hard sell just support and ideas and then you decide ...




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"I am writing personally with a ‘big thank you’ for speaking at our Horwood House AGM. Your talk put an entirely new perspective on our AGM session which was so well received

‘The power of one’ is being applied. In small businesses it is easy to gloss over training needs. You managed to get the message across in a very interesting way."

Roger Cresswell

Chemical Recycling Association

Three Rivers Housing Association – Staff Conference
" Thank you so much for your excellent presentation of our Annual Staff Conference yesterday. Since
arriving at work this morning. I have received many positive comments about both the content of the day
and your own personal style. Many staff think that the day ‘flew over’ - a sure sign that interest and
enjoyment levels were high."

Jane Duncan, Operations Manager, Three Rivers Housing Association




This month we are offering presentation skills training for as little as £500.

Ask us for more details.

Terms and conditions apply

Offer ends 30 MARCH 2024

Email Reply ‘Offer’




Quote of the Month


“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”
Albert Einstein




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