June 2022
Issue 127

This month's theme - Be an Amazing Trainer

In this Issue:

•  For Managers: The Confident Trainer Course
•  For Trainers: 7 top tips for trainers
•  Training in Action: How to be an amazing trainer
•  Quote of the Month: Play
•  Offer of the Month: Free sessions for trainers
•  The light touch: Off with the legs!
•  Next month's theme
  For Managers - The Confident Trainer Course

Managers need to be trainers

Like it or not as a manager you are often called on to pass on your knowledge and experience. You may need to share knowledge, know-how and skills with other managers, team members or direct reports.

You may be required to train, coach, facilitate or present to individuals and groups.

It doesn’t need to be difficult or daunting. Like everything you do in your management role ... it’s easy when you know how

Our Confident Trainer Course is designed for non-trainers who are required to do a little training.

  • Learn how to design and deliver amazing training sessions using the basic trainer skills and …
  • How to deliver training sessions or presentations in your preferred style using the key principles and tools of training

Choose to attend a session that works for you …

  • Full day
  • Half Day
  • Golden Nugget two hour session
  • Personalised one to one coaching session

Want to know more?


  For Trainers - 7 top tips for trainers

Tip 1 – Always ask ‘why?’ … When you receive a request to deliver training, before you give a definite ‘yes’ ask ‘why? Learn more

Tip 2 – Get the dynamics right – what type of training is best for your client? Will it be group, remote, coaching, offsite, online or hybrid etc?

Tip 3 – Structure your training – try the four pillars of training: youtube.com/watch?v=4ZSbXkzlJm4

Tip 4 – Capitalise on technology – incorporate smart phones, lap tops, video and other technology to design and encourage self-learning activities

Tip 5 – Make your training engaging, fun, intriguing and practical

Tip 6 – Help your delegates feel good about themselves – this will very likely encourage them to participate and be positive about the learning experience

Tip 7 – Never deliver the same course twice – avoid the ‘same old’ habit and add an improvement to your course every time you deliver it

Take a look at our range of train the trainer courses

  Training in Action - How to be an amazing trainer

By Syd Strike

Train the TrainerDo you want to be an amazing trainer?

If you are a trainer I am sure you don’t want to be a poor trainer or even mediocre. Of course, if you are honest with yourself you will want to be the best. Why not?

Get started by understanding your role. Why do we train? The answer is Changed Behaviour.

Training may be many things to many people but when it’s all over, if back in the workplace people don’t put the learning into practice ... the training has failed. We need changed behaviour.

Training is about providing skills and knowledge that is applied in the workplace.

Once you know what changed behaviour is required you can be designing and delivering an amazing training course or programme. You can be an amazing trainer.

Learn more about how to be an amazing trainer:

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  Offer of the Month - Free sessions for trainers

#sydsaid sessions – Tips and Ideas for Trainers

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Quote of the Month – Play

“It is play that makes people unafraid to fail and confident to try new things. It is play that helps us do serious things better because we enjoy them and feel a sense of joy in our achievements.”

Jake Orlowitz
Head of Wikipedia Blueprint


The Light Touch

A true story by Syd

I was delivering train the trainer skills to a group over three days.

During the first two days I emphasised the importance of preparation and checking equipment before the group arrive.

On day three my group arrived early and after initial greetings I followed my usual habit of lifting the flip chart stand to move it where I wanted it to begin my training. No sooner had I lifted the stand, all three legs fell off and crashed to the floor to the delight of my mischievous group.

A lesson learned. I think!!

This wasn’t the first prank this group had played on me!





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