December 2021
Issue 124

This month's theme - Be Exceptional

In this Issue:

•  For Managers: Measure yourself against the best
•  For Trainers: True or False icebreaker
•  Training in Action: Exceptional managers
•  Quote of the Month: There are no speed limits
•  Offer of the Month: Bespoke management course
•  The light touch: When you aim for perfection
•  Next month's theme
  For Managers - Measure yourself against the best

Syd Strike has worked alongside some truly exceptional managers and based on his experiences shares below seven key measures for an exceptional manager. There are no set measures and you may be able to add your own ideas. This table is designed to get you thinking.

Exceptional Manager




Knows where he/she is going and has a strategy for getting there

Does the job according to the job description

Fails to do the job


Exceeds expectations

Achieves objectives

Fails to achieve objectives


Has a highly motivated team

Team motivation is mixed – some team members highly motivated – some not so high

Team morale is generally low


Has more knowledge about the organisation and the job than does his management team

Knows own job well but direct reports can ‘pull the wool over his/her eyes’ because of his lack of knowledge of what they do

Generally lacks skills and knowledge resulting in lack of respect from the team


Direct reports will say that the manager works with them to achieve results

Direct reports will say that they work for the manager to achieve results

Direct reports will say that they work to achieve results despite the manager


Takes responsibility for creating resonance and harmony in the workplace

Relies on her/his managers and team leaders to create harmony

Has let the workplace degenerate into a place of discord and


Is reliable and is trusted by higher management to undertake key projects

Is accepted as ok but would not be chosen for key or urgent projects

Under no circumstances would even be considered to undertake key projects

Let us help you with your management development


  For Trainers - 'True or False' Icebreaker
1. Leadership is a science and if you follow tried and tested techniques you will be successful.
True / False
2. Anyone can be trained to be a leader.
True / False
3. A leader’s role is to get the job done.
True / False
4. It is easy to identify a good leader – the team will love him/her.
True / False
5. A good leader will have personal goals.
True / False
6. A good leader will have team goals.
True / False
7. You should support your boss even if he or she is wrong.
True / False
8. You should lie for your boss to get him or her out of trouble.
True / False
9. You should protect your team by keeping problems from your boss.
True / False

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  Training in Action - Exceptional Managers

Syd Strike and his team have been delivering training for managers and staff in numerous organisations for several years. Managers enjoy working with an exceptional management team and highly motivated staff.

Syd  and the team deliver a range of courses  to facilitate the building and growth of exceptional managers and exceptional teams.

One of the programmes designed to facilitate exceptional team members is a fast moving event, packed with learning and discussion to guide managers to consider some key aspects of exceptional management including:

Session 1 - Two key drivers

1.   Purpose – working towards clear goals at every level in the organisation
2.   Values -  treating employees in a way that makes them feel valued

Session 2 – Writing goals

Delegates identify their key objectives based on the three ‘P’s:
1.   People
2.   Performance
3.   Profit

Session 3 - Commitment to the cause

A motivational session encouraging commitment and enthusiasm culminating in review meetings where staff at all levels will enjoy the benefits of working with exceptional managers

Session 4 – Focused leadership

Delegates discuss ideas for becoming more focused and are given pointers to:
1.   Manage priorities
2.   Achieve deadlines
3.   Be there when you are needed
4.   Take action
5.   Bring something new to every meeting
6.   Manage where it matters

Numerous managers are now working towards their goals and practising new ideas as a result of participating in theses exciting management courses.

One of Syd’s clients Tom Doyle, a hotel general manager says “I am always happy to have Syd stay at the hotel whether he is delivering a course or staying as a guest, he has an amazing positive impact on the team. To me Syd is Mr Motivator”

Would you like to us deliver a course for your managers?
Take a look at our offer of the month below:



  Offer the Month

Bespoke Management Course

This month we are offering to design the ‘Be Exceptional’ management course specifically tailored for your company and deliver it for only £800 + vat, with no restrictions on numbers.

The benefits to your company:

  • Managers will become engaged and focused about people and performance issues
  • Your managers will be focused on excellence
  • Your managers will be focused on achievement
  • Your managers will learn new techniques and ideas for improving performance and motivation
  • Employees will feel the impact of the change of management behaviour and this will have a positive effect on performance

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Offer ends 20th February 2022

Terms and conditions apply


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Quote of the Month

"There are no speed limits on the road to excellence.”


The Light Touch

“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target”





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