November 2021
Issue 123

This month's theme - Management Development

In this Issue:

•  For Managers: Is your management style balanced?
•  For Trainers: 5 tips for delivering management training
•  Training in Action: Management Development Programmes
•  Quote of the Month: Management means…
•  Offer of the Month: 360 degree feedback and coaching
•  The light touch:
•  Next month's theme
  For Managers - Is your management style balanced?

CanstockSyd suggests that a good balance of focused leadership, people motivation and analytical and problem solving skills will help a manager get the best from his or her team.

In his management style model Syd describes these roles:

  1. Focused Leader – sets goals, involves the team in goals and gets the job done.
  2. People Motivator – understands people, listens to employees in one to one meetings and engages staff in two way energised meetings
  3. Manager (Analytical) – reads data and understands what is going on in the organisation – is well informed about performance, absence, trends and finance.
  4. Entrepreneurial Manager – looks for ways to improve profits, enhance performance, create new and fresh ideas for her or his team to work on.
  5. Hands On Leader – Rolls their sleeves up and helps out – may be motivational for the team but over doing this role may mean you are not developing your staff and you are not fully aware of what is happening in your department – keep your head up!

Check your management style free of charge.

You will receive instant feedback and you can request a full report free of charge by contacting Syd direct.

Watch the short video and learn about your management style:

Play Leadership


  For Trainers - 5 tips for delivering management training
  1. Be clear about what training your managers require. Business needs, gaps in performance and 360 degree appraisals may be useful guides to help you.
  2. Get support from the very top. Some managers are keen to learn, but all managers need on - going development. Support from the top will help you sell your management development programme.
  3. Make the content and the delivery relevant. Over use of power point and oodles of theory may be a ‘turn off’. Real life examples tend to work for managers. If you don’t have management experience then get someone who does, to work with you.
  4. Assignments are great if they are relevant. Asking managers to write essays may also be a ‘turn off’. Assignments that relate to work such as using a model to conduct one to ones or to conduct two way energised meetings do work.
  5. Ask your managers what they would like to learn – be prepared to deliver a session on how to manage your boss!

Can we help you? – Take a look at our management development programme and let us know if we can design you a bespoke programme for your managers


  Training in Action - Management Development Programmes

“Every manager dreams of managing a high performing team. Unfortunately, the manager who is lucky enough to manage such a team is a rare individual. Much more common are the managers who complain: ‘Why don’t my staff work as they are supposed to? “ Lesley Morrissey – A manager’s guide to developing effective people.

Managing is not a ‘walk in the park’ and yet it doesn’t need to be so difficult. Employees will support the manager who ‘gets it right’, the manager who is positive, focused, and fair and who treats people as being special.
Managers and team leaders/supervisors can make or break your company.

They are the people that you need to fulfil your vision and achieve your objectives through highly motivated team members.

Management development programmes are a ‘must’ if you are to succeed and become market leaders, Whether you buy in, outsource or deliver your own ‘in company’ programme it is worth taking the time to get it right, provide appropriate training, measure success and see the difference in the work place and on the bottom line.

Syd and his team have designed and delivered numerous management development programmes and are presently involved in delivering a number of programmes right now.

Our programmes incorporate interactive, relevant, work related modules with work related assignments, 360 degree feedback, remote learning and management coaching. We have provided a range of tools for measuring the success of the training including audits and  ‘score cards’

Syd Strike Training also helps you design your own ‘in company’ programme. We are sometimes called on to support companies by providing modules in addition to the company’s programme.

Syd delivered assertiveness training for a group of managers who were already part way through an excellent ‘in company’ management development programme. This need was identified and Syd was asked to provide an interactive and engaging event. The managers and their trainers were delighted. A great success - and some truly assertive managers went back to work with confidence to succeed.

We would be delighted to help you design and/or deliver fresh and creative management development programme – click here for more information



  Offer the Month

Free 360 degree feedback when you book a manager coaching session

This month we are offering free 360 on line feedback, based on emotional intelligence behaviours, for your managers when you book one or more coaching sessions with us.

Click here to book your coaching and online feedback

Offer ends 31st December 2021

Terms and conditions apply


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Quote of the Month

"Management means helping people to get the best out of themselves, not organising things."

Lauren Appley


The Light Touch

Around 500 BC, Lao Tzu is believed to have written the Tao Teh Ching. 

He wrote: “A leader is best When people barely know that he exists, Not so good when people obey and acclaim him,
Worst when they despise him, fail to honour people,
They fail to honour you:
But of a good leader, who talks little, When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, They will all say, We did this ourselves”





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