September 2021
Issue 122

This month's theme - Releasing your Team Leader and Supervisor Potential

In this Issue:

•  For Managers: Don’t waste talent
•  For Trainers: The Role of the First Line Manager – Free activity
•  Training in Action: Releasing First Line Manager Potential
•  Quote of the Month: The first responsibility of a leader
•  Offer of the Month: Free Handout
•  The light touch: The Invisible Man
•  Next month's theme
  For Managers - Don’t waste talent

By Syd Strike

Working with a number of first line managers, all with different titles, supervisor, team leader, line leader or whatever

When I look at the qualities and strengths of these people, I see comments such as, loyalty, commitment, trustworthy, can-do attitude and motivated.

These are the kind of qualities we need in our junior leaders, and it seems that these, as well as their superior job skills, are the reasons we put these people in first line manager roles.

And yet these qualities are not enough to make your first line managers confident and successful.

Why not?

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  For Trainers - FREE Activity – The Role of the First Line Manager

Take advantage of this unique training activity to help you facilitate the role of the first line manager.

This is an activity involving cards where delegates work in pairs or groups to explore their role as a supervisor or team leader. A great opening activity for your first line manager course

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  Training in Action - Release the potential of your Supervisors and Team Leaders by Syd Strike


How many good workers have been promoted to a supervisory position because of their skills, loyalty and commitment, and then they are "thrown in at the deep end" as they say? Then after a while of struggling they give up and revert to being one of the gang, with a supervisory title ... a leader in name only.  And yet the first line manager can be a valuable member of the management team and an asset to your company or organisation.

At Syd Strike Training we have helped improve performance and motivation by equipping first line managers with skills and confidence.

All too often no one has the time to dedicate help for supervisors to realise their potential.  Supervisors end up operating as normal members of staff who take on a few extra duties.

Our dynamic one-day training event has transformed the working lives of numerous supervisors and team leaders .. That’s what we do .. release potential into your organisation.

I often commence first line manager courses with the words "This course will change your life". And it does.

They return to work buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm to put new found learning into practice, making an incredible difference to the motivation and performance of their teams. They have learned how to correct assertively and mobilise team members. And they have learned the secret of how to motivate team members .. it’s not money!!!

The training is often delivered over two days covering more topics, and many companies opt for the modular choice linked to coaching and mentoring.

They learn and practise many aspects of the supervisor’s role including supporting team members, dealing with poor performers, health and safety and personal motivation.

You can see more of what they do on the web page.

Don’t neglect these valuable people – Invest in your supervisors and Team Leaders

Release your supervisor potential

"We needed to arrange some first line manager training courses urgently and Syd Strike Training achieved this within two weeks of our request. The trainers were experienced and sensitive towards our employees needs, as we employ a mixed nationality workforce. The feedback from our employees was extremely positive."

Mick Phillips, General Manager, John Baarda Limited



  Offer the Month

"Simple Guide to Effective First Line Management"

A great little handout for your training sessions - looks great laminated

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Quote of the Month

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant and a debtor”

Leadership is an Art
by Max DePree


The Light Touch

We often use superheroes as fun examples in leadership.
On one of our supervisor courses the trainer was referring to Batman and Robin.
One of the delegates spoke up saying:
“My manager is neither of these .. He’s the Invisible Man - we never see him”.
What would your people call you????!!!!




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