July 2021
Issue 121

This month's theme - Team Building

Now is the time to bring your team back together
Take a good look at where your team is now
… now is the time to act

In this Issue:

•  For Managers: Four team events to bring your team together Now
•  For Trainers: Free team building activities
•  Training in Action: Team Building Events – delivered by Syd Strike Training
•  Quote of the Month: Sir John Harvey Jones
•  Offer of the Month: Bespoke team building events
Next month's theme
  For Managers - Four Team Building Events

Four ways to bring your team together ... from remote working to teamworking
By Syd Strike

"Now is the time to talk"

There is absolutely no doubt that for many companies the pandemic has been a catalyst for creativity, flexibility, resourcefulness and pulling together.

And yet I believe that this new paradigm will be short lived and replaced by the need for even  more creative working, more worker involvement and more change in working practice. Many of your employees have given more, become more flexible and resourceful, and many managers have become more tolerant, flexible and encouraging.

So isn’t that all good?  Yes but … As life returns to some normality people will begin to reflect on patterns of work, what they want to give to the job and what they expect from their managers. Now is the time to talk, and of course, to listen. Now is the time to bring the team back together.

I would like to share with you four ways you can bring your team back together, from remote working to teamworking

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  For Trainers - Free Team Building Activities

This month we are giving you some exciting team building activities which you will find in our Trainer Treasure Chest.


  Training in Action - Team Building Events delivered by Syd Strike Training

The power of effective team building cannot be underestimated. A well designed and facilitated team building event can result in outstanding change in behaviour and improvement in performance as Syd Strike has proved for many of his clients over the years.

Many teams have enjoyed the delights of  the 'Spider’s Web' constructing giant jigsaw puzzles, working with logs, ropes and blindfolds ... all in the name of team working.

It isn’t all about fun and games. Teams work with their managers and supervisors to identify issues, concerns and ideas for improving team working and effectiveness culminating in action plans to create a workplace where management and staff work to company standards and values, and everyone in the organisation is a winner. 

The team building events are often part of a wider leadership and motivation programme organised by the Human Resources Departments in conjunction with the Management Team. Syd Strike designs and delivers the training but as Syd points out ‘real success comes from the hard work and support of managers who listen to their employees, provide the tools for the job and recognise, praise and reward the dedication of highly skilled teams'.

One Managing Director commented that "efforts at all levels within the organisation to achieve goals and improve team morale are paying off and we are enjoying positive results and increased customer compliments as well as breaking all records for reliability".

Team Building events may be delivered as one or two day events, half day, residential or whatever is required to fit your needs and your budget.

Sydstrike Training Sydstrike Training Sydstrike Training Sydstrike Training

Syd Strike Training has delivered team building events for numerous companies including Serco Docklands Light Railway, Serco Traffic Control Room, Tetley GB, Quorn, Jurys Doyle Hotels, Jurys Inns, Dalata Hotel Group,  Guildford College, Chesham Building Society, The Environment Agency, Grainger Trust (Property), Sport England and many more ... and received many compliments such as the one below:

"Just a quick note to thank you on behalf of the Education team for your excellent facilitation of the  course.  As we both detected during the 2 days a real buzz was generated both during the formal and informal aspects of the retreat. You are aware from your feedback how successful everyone rated both the course content and your delivery." 
Brian Whaley, Sport England

You can also benefit and see team motivation increase. 
See our offer of the month below

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  Offer the Month

Give your team a lift – an unforgettable event for as little as £400

We offer a range of team building events to help your team:

Bond together


Work more effectively




Achieve outstanding results


Become a winning team



You can benefit from your team building event by tailoring it to your company needs. You have numerous choices of areas you can cover including:


Facilitating positive or essential constructive change within your organisation


Building cooperation within your team featuring team building activities, fun and enjoyment


Team bonding - fun and involving gentle indoor or outdoor activities or more challenging if you wish


Developing understanding about roles and responsibilities


Motivation events packed with activity, fun and challenge culminating with positive work related action planning


Team roles - helping your team appreciate different roles, personalities and styles within the team and offering the option of Belbin, Myers Briggs or similar questionnaires to assist the process


Away Days rewarding your team, motivating and/or planning the future and achieving goals


You may ask us to design a mixture of any of the above.

The reward for hosting these events is outstanding in terms of the post course action your teams perform.

We will design, or design and deliver you courses and your investment  may be as little as £400, depending on the course you choose and it may be delivered on site, off site or remotely

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Quote of the Month

"one simple game contained in it practically all the lessons that one needed about teamwork, involvement, mutuality of respect, the ability to recognise contributions, no matter where they come from, the importance of multiple skills, and the need to stay together, and produce a solution which was good enough"

Sir John Harvey Jones
Learning the Team Lesson






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