May 2021
Issue 120

This month's theme - Creating a Positive Culture

Culture, often described as
“The way we do things around here”

In this Issue:

•  Training in Action: Culture and Climate
•  For Managers and HR Managers: Three Thinking Clouds
•  For Trainers: The Culture Questionnaire
•  Quote of the Month: Ann Rhoades
•  Offer of the Month: Design your culture event
The Light Touch: Something magical!
Next month's theme
  Training in Action – Culture and Climate

By Syd Strike

I have been privileged to help numerous organisations through, consulting, facilitating, coaching, training and change management programmes including exploring and working on culture and climate.

Typically culture has been described as ‘The way we do things around here’ and climate as ‘ How it feels working here’.

Whilst there are many theories and models on organisational culture and I have found great value in understanding and sharing some of these, I do have my own observations to help me when facilitating change management involving culture change.

I find that senior management teams often request help to facilitate achievement of goals, the business plan and change management but the request for help to change the culture is not usually a popular request. And yet the changing world suggests we do need to be constantly looking at our processes, our people and our technology.

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  For Managers and HR Managers – Three Thinking Clouds

Three Thinking Clouds is a short video presentation which makes an ideal resource for managers and HR managers to help you explore the culture of your organisation.

There may never have been a better opportunity for you to engage people at all levels in your organisation in promoting positive and timely change.

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  For Trainers – The Culture Questionnaire


We use the culture questionnaire to facilitate discussion about culture between managers and team members, encouraging open and honest discussion.

You will find the questionnaire in the Trainer’s Treasure Chest on our website's home page.

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  The Light Touch


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Quote of the Month

“Culture is what people do when no one is looking”

Ann Rhoades






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