November 2020
Issue 117

This month's theme - The Changing World of Work

(What do managers, Human Resources Managers and Trainers need to do about remote working and getting people back to work?)

In this Issue:

What Next? By Syd Strike
For Managers: Video Tutorials – Managing Remotely
For HR Managers: Three Thinking Clouds
For Trainers: The Trainer’s Treasure Chest
•  Forthcoming Events: Free resilience session
•  Quote of the Month: Jimmy Dean
•  Offer of the Month: Remote Managing Training Package
Next month's theme
  What Next? By Syd Strike

As you know many of the lockdown restrictions are still in place and home working is expected where this is practical.

These circumstances raise numerous issues for managers, human resources professionals and trainers.

Before lockdown managers were able to manage people by physically being in the workplace. Since lockdown I have heard some managers complain that they feel that people are not giving their full attention to the job. However, I tend to hear more positive comments where staff are more flexible, both those working from home and those who still operate in the workplace.

That’s not to say all is well. I hear of stress, strain, pressure, mental health issues from some, and others saying they love the new way of working and don’t want to go back to working from the office.

What is the way forward during the next six months and beyond?

In part the answer is obvious… we keep pressing on. However, we would be foolish to waste this opportunity to re-evaluate everything we do.

I hope you find my thoughts about before, now and what next? helpful.

How is it for the Manager?

How is it for the Human Resources Manager?

How is for the Training Manager?

See how your organisation can benefit from our flexible training and blended learning programmes


 For Managers : Video Tutorials – Managing Remotely

Dip into our remote managing tutorials here

 For HR Managers - Three Thinking Clouds

Three Thinking Clouds is a short video presentation which makes an ideal resource for you to present to your managers and help you to work with your managers and senior management team to explore the culture of your organisation.

There may never have been a better opportunity for you to get your senior management team involved with you in engaging people at all levels in your organisation in promoting positive and timely change.

Click her for information or to view the video


 For Trainers - Resource of the Month


Take a look at our Trainer Treasure Chest for a host of resources free to use – there are some new activities to help you (See terms and conditions)



  Forthcoming Events

Bouncing Back – Resilience Session – Webinar – FREE SESSION

Thursday 3 December 1030am (forty five minute session)

  • Learn the four steps to become resilient
  • Receive tips and ideas to reduce stress
  • Take time out for yourself to chill out
  • Learn how to look after yourself and support your colleagues




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- Offer of the month - Managing in
a Changing World

Thursday 26 November 1030am

This month we are offering a unique Management Training Package (Remote Training) The package includes …

» One Hour Remote Training Session on tips and ideas for the next steps in managing remotely or at work with
» Optional additional half - hour for Q & A And a bonus
» Free one hour one to one with one of our management coaches

Why should you attend?

» Every manager needs to consider how the role is changing and how to adapt to the changing circumstances
» You will receive tips and ideas to help you get the best performance, effort and loyalty from your team members
» Your one to one session allows you the opportunity to bounce ideas, share concerns and receive personalised help in total confidence
» You can receive this training and help from the comfort of your home or workplace.

What will it cost?

Your investment is only £10 plus vat What have you got to lose?


Terms and conditions apply



Quote of the Month

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”

Jimmy Dean






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