September 2020
Issue 116

This month's theme - High Achieving Teams

In this Issue:

For Managers: 5 steps to building a high performing team
For Trainers: Free team discussion activity
•  Training in Action: The Danvers Team
•  Quote of the Month: John Harvey Jones
•  Offer of the Month: High achieving team building course with free team assessment
•  The Light Touch: Toss a coin?
Next month's theme
  For Managers: 5 steps to building a high performing team

There are numerous ideas on how to build high performing teams. The reality is if you truly want your team to be high performing, you can do it. So get started. The five steps are suggestions – there are dozens of other actions you can take. If you would like some help then ask about our offer of the month.

5 steps to building a high performing team

 For Trainers: Your FREE team discussion activity


Football Team Performance

Part 1

A non-league football club has been having a bad season. Towards the end of season and with only a few games to play they have yet to win one match. They are not a rich club and so have not had funds for providing the best strips, turf etc.

All team members are de motivated and see no reason for trying to win. The manager and coach are both at a loss for ideas and feel that there is now no hope. They have a match due in four weeks with their greatest rival. A win may be the magic ingredient to put some life back into the team.

A local millionaire sponsor has offered to provide unlimited resources to help the team achieve the victory over their rival.

You have been employed as motivational consultants. Discuss and make a list of ideas. What can you do to give this ailing team a sporting chance?

Part 2

Now take the list of ideas and identify a work situation to correspond with each idea, eg change the strips might correspond with new uniforms that are more serviceable or more fashionable.

Part 3 Do you have any points that you may wish to raise to management and do you need to change your behaviour in any way to help the team win? Discuss in groups and write action plans on the flip chart.

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  Training in action: The Danvers Team

Syd had the privilege of delivering a team building event with a team comprising USA and UK scientists in the biochemical industry.

The event was designed to help the newly formed team of USA scientists and their Newcastle buddies get to know each other, learn about team roles, determine the groups' values and guiding principles and produce a plan of action for launching their new venture in Danvers USA.

Syd included Belbin team roles to help the process and delivered a session on ‘high performing teams’ based on the recent Olympic experience.

A session on Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing model of group development, first proposed by Bruce Tuckman helped the team understand how the team would develop, and along with an understanding of each individual’s role, team core values and a framework of team objectives the team returned to Danvers enthused and equipped to be a high performing team.

The team is now performing well and making good progress, resulting in the need to recruit more team members.

Contact Syd direct to get help in making your team a high performing team. Call Syd direct now and benefit from our September offer. Telephone 07966 486546 or drop him an email.

In this changing world of work, should we focus on home working or get back people back to work?

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High achieving team building course with free team assessment

Book a ‘High Performing Team Building Event’ and we will give you a free assessment on your teams’ strengths and development needs as well as a free consultation and an action plan to help you build your high performing team.

What are the benefits to your company?

» Your team members will leave the event with a commitment to becoming a high performing team.
» Team members will learn skills to improve team performance and become high achievers.
» Individuals will begin the journey of becoming a winning team.
» Your people will return to work with a powerful action plan and the enthusiasm to become a high performing team.
» Ultimately this will improve performance and profit.
» You have a say in the design of the event so it is tailored to your company needs.
» As a manager or HR/Training manager you enjoy the success of providing training that will make a difference to the way your team will perform

What will happen on the course?

» Your team will participate in challenging team activities with review sessions where members discuss and learn how to work in harmony, and achieve outstanding results.
» Group discussion activities will help team members learn how to behave positively and professionally as effective members of a high performing team.
» Facilitating sessions will help your team members to appreciate where, when and how to support each other – everyone working toward the same goal.
» Skills sessions will improve communication and cooperation and help remove barriers to change.
» Team roles sessions will help the team to work together, getting the maximum potential from each member.
» Planning sessions will help your team relate the learning to work and provide action plans and a strategy to become a high performing team.

What will the event cost?

The cost will depend on duration, half day, one day, two days or residential and will therefore range from £750 to £3000. We can tailor the event to your needs and your budget. And the FREE assessment and consultation will provide you with tools and information to further develop your team back at work.

Group team events will be delivered keeping to the required social distance rules.

We can also deliver team building sessions remotely and are happy to provide appropriate fees on request.

Contact us now for a FREE (no obligation) quote or to discuss your requirements.

Offer open to companies and organisations in the UK and Ireland.

Terms and conditions apply

Offer closes on 15 October 2020




Quote of the Month

“… Thus the reward of industrial leadership: to see people, who do not believe they have the capability of being a winning team, gaining confidence and effectiveness and morale, and the respect not only of their peers, but also of their competitors and the world outside.”

John Harvey Jones



The Light Touch

Toss a coin

Whenever you’re called on to make up your mind, And you’re hampered by not having any,

The simplest way to solve the dilemma you’ll find, Is simply by flipping a penny.

No, not so that chance shall decide the affair;

As you’re passively standing there moping.

But as soon as the penny is in the air, You’ll suddenly know what you’re hoping

(Source unknown)






The Changing World of Work

(What do Managers, Human Resources Managers and Trainers need to do about remote working and getting people back to work?)




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