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December 2019
Issue 108

This month's theme - The Power of Positive Thinking

In this Issue:

For Managers: 7 actions to help you build a positive team
For Trainers: Are you a positive thinker? – training resource
•  Training in Action: Positive Thinking Courses
•  Quote of the Month: Mahatma Gandhi
•  Offer of the Month: Golden Nugget – positive thinking course
•  The Light Touch: May I borrow your lawnmower?
Thought for December
Next month's theme
  For Managers: 7 actions to help you build a positive team

1.Be positive – think positively, speak positively and behave positively – it makes sense that this will have a positive effect on your team.

2.Break out of the norm – add creativity, fun and adventure to your team meetings and events.

3.Speak about positive thinking and behaviour – we do tend to get what we talk about – assuming we also live it.

4.Create a positive environment – this is about facilities, supervision and team spirit – dirty old plastic chairs and broken equipment send out a message that you don’t care – negative and overbearing supervisors very quickly kill positivity.

5.Celebrate success – whilst you have to correct mistakes it is too easy to forget to praise success and achievement.

6.Think before you speak – so often managers find themselves apologising for misunderstanding a situation and jumping in with negative words – the apology is admirable but you can’t take back the words.

7.Look after yourself – tired and burned out managers are not likely to be the most inspirational managers – take your lunch break!

If you would like some help why not contact us to discuss executive coaching.


 For Trainers: Training resource - are you a positive thinker?


Take a look at the positive thinking questionnaire and feel free to use it during your training sessions to get your delegates thinking about positive thinking.

Some may score themselves higher than they should! … But the point is it makes them think about their behaviour



  Training in action: Positive Thinking courses

Question: Why is it important to be positive?

Answer: well the answer is really a question ... Have you ever met a negative person who was truly happy?

Ask people at work what they talk about in the staff canteen. Many many times they will say they talk about work, managers and colleagues. And they will admit that most of the discussion is negative.

Managers send their employees on all kinds of training courses such as technical courses, safety, presentation skills etc and of course these are all important and have their place. However, if when they return to work they still feel negative about their job, or their boss, then this negativity will affect them in their work and could negate all of the benefits of the training they received.

We all need to think and behave positively if our business and our personal lives are to be successful and rewarding.

At Syd Strike Training Solutions, we deliver positive thinking courses for our clients and they work. Sometimes we deliver positive thinking sessions under a different name. Some people do get offended at being sent on certain courses, so we are happy to make it easy for everyone. Very often we weave positive thinking and motivation into skills and management courses or customer care courses. Would not our customers receive better service if staff were not only skilled but also extremely positive? Ah, some may say you can train a person in skills but you can’t train them to be positive. Well I am sure that we can influence people and help people to believe in themselves – this can have a powerful impact on people’s positivity and motivation. That’s why our message at Syd Strike Training is:

Enhancing business performance by releasing people potential

That’s what we do. So think about investing in a positive thinking or motivational course.

Your positive thinking event is tailored to your needs and preferences and usually includes high energy discussion groups, motivational input and gentle, positive challenge and can include fun activities and team challenges with a positive thinking twist, review sessions and dozens of ideas for action.

More on the Positive Thinking course   ….

If positive thinking leads to positive words, then positive words lead to positive actions and positive actions become a habit and bring success. It is believed that we think around 60,000 thoughts a day and we repeat about 80% of these thoughts the following day. Positive thinking therefore must surely be  essential if we are to remain focused and successful.

What our customers say:

"I was particularly impressed with how Syd delivered positive thinking and the impact it had on the team, he provided excellent tools and mechanisms to help staff, keeping them positive and helping them have the confidence to apply for positions."
Maxine Elstob, Operations & Development Manager
NHS Commercial Support Unit North East

If you would like some further information on positive thinking then contact us.


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Positive Thinking course for only £400

This festive season we are offering a limited number of Golden Nugget Positive Thinking courses on a first come first served basis for only £400 plus reasonable expenses.

Offer is open until 31 January 2020

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Quote of the Month

“With an enthusiastic team you can achieve almost anything.”

Tahir Shah


Thought for December

Praise for effort and Reward achievement


The Light Touch

A man had a lawnmower that was broken. He decided he would pop next door to his neighbour Bill and ask Bill for a loan of his lawn mower. This is what he was thinking as he walked towards his neighbours house:

Down his path – “I hope Bill doesn’t mind me asking to borrow his lawn mower”

Towards the gate – “Bill shouldn’t mind; I loaned him my drill”

Outside the gate – “Rotten so and so if he doesn’t lend me his mower”

Across the path – “I can’t believe Bill could be so mean”

Down the path – “I bet he will be mean”

The man knocks on Bill’s door, Bill answers and the man says “Bog off, I didn’t want your lawn mower anyway”







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