June 2018
Issue 98

This month's theme - Targeted Leadership Training

If you look around you will find targeted dog training, targeted fitness training and targeted "allsorts"!!! This month we are introducing "Targeted Leadership Training" as delivered by Syd Strike Training Solutions.

In this Issue:

For Managers: How to get a pay rise
For HR Managers: 5 tips for targeting leadership development
For Trainers: Ideas for delivering targeted leadership training programmes
•  Training in Action: The Syd Strike approach
•  Offer of the Month: Free consultation
•  The Light Touch: The indispensable man
•  Quote of the Month: Insanity
Next month's theme
  For Managers – How to get a pay rise!!!

Looking for a pay rise? Why not? You are as good as others who are paid more than you!  BUT what are you truly worth? Perhaps a look at this from the eyes of your manager may help. Doing the day job is not usually enough. Your managers need to see results that have a positive effect on performance, motivation and profit.

So, here are some questions you may wish to ask yourself to consider what you are worth and what you are contributing to your organisation …

  • What have you achieved in the past twelve months?
  • What will you achieve in the next twelve months? … and how will you convince your manager that you will achieve your goals?
  • What has been your impact on your organisation’s goals?
  • What is your powerful, measurable contribution to your organisation? – Would your manager agree?
  • How are you different and more valuable than other managers?
  • What gaps in your performance or your team’s performance would your manager identify? And therefore, how would your manager rate your team’s performance on a scale of one to ten? – do you have an improvement plan? You are your team’s leader!

Hope these questions get you thinking. Please feel free to have a different opinion or add your own thoughts. The purpose of this topic is to get you thinking and hopefully acting.

We welcome your thoughts on this topic



  For HR Managers – 5 tips for targeting leadership development

HR Managers are very often charged with the task of ‘sorting out managers’ and training is often offered as the solution. As a tool for development, management development programmes work well, but when there are specific problems and issues that are not being resolved, then more specific action may be required. Whereas management development training may be described as developing managers, targeted training may be described as solving specific management problems and issues. Here are five tips to help you get started at targeting your management training…

  1. Take time to be sure of the problem – this will involve asking the right people about the problem, and may be achieved through semi structured interviews, group discussion or localised motivation type surveys.
  2. Avoid assumptions – collect facts and don’t be swayed by authority – it’s not about agreeing with people, it’s about being honest and constructive.
  3. Give a true report and make it realistic and offer ‘big’ possibly ‘outrageous and daring’ suggestions for solving the problems – after all when you keep doing what you always do … and it doesn’t work … you need something new – not everyone will be happy!
  4. Be clear with senior management about what you are about to undertake – people will need to be challenged and change will be inevitable – some of this may affect your paymasters!
  5. Design a training programme that will be flexible – you will need to change it as you go … once you get digging you don’t know what you will unearth.

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  For Trainers – Ideas for delivering targeted leadership training programmes

Dare to do something different!!!

Here are some ideas …
  • Challenge the status quo – frank discussions with your internal customers … senior management and HR
  • Ask around either formally or informally … find out what is going on… move away from the bog-standard management courses … at least for a while
  • Get teams engaged …  perhaps with team building events where people have fun, work together and can speak their minds – be open and non-judgemental
  • Use a blend of skills training and know-how with facilitating and one to one coaching
  • Use 360-degree feedback tools and other self-awareness tools … get your managers looking in the mirror!
  • Be non-judgemental at all levels – we are all in this together
  • Don’t deliver boring training programmes … people look for something different
  • Use outside help … people often feel more comfortable with independent, non-biased support


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  Training in Action - The Syd Strike Approach

Whilst we deliver numerous management development programmes for our clients we don’t accept that traditional training is always the solution. Our approach to targeted training is …

  • Our business is about providing solutions not training events … so when approached by our clients our first task is …
  • Find out what’s happening and what solution you are seeking … not what training you need – then we facilitate discussion that provides information and helps our customers be very clear of the real need … we often ask the question “If we could wave a magic wand, what would you want to be different?”
  • When we are clear of the problem we explore solutions that address the problem, will be appropriate to our client’s organisation, culture and budget and will get results
  • We design the strategy and plan the programme alongside our client … this may involve …
  • Group training
  • 360 degree and self-awareness activities
  • One to one coaching and support
  • Facilitation sessions
  • Exploring organisational structure
  • Exploring senior management team effectiveness
  • Team building
  • Skills training
  • Setting up mentoring schemes
  • Shaking up the managers
  • Change management programmes
  • Strategic facilitation session
  • Whatever is needed to get the job done!
  • Constant review and adaptation of the programme is essential
  • The journey of change never ends … we keep in touch, revisit and offer on going support

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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

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