March 2018
Issue 95

This month's theme - In Company Courses with a Difference

Would you like to …

  • Put Zip into your in company courses?
  • See observable results back at work?
  • Have your employees hungry for more training?

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In this Issue:

For Managers: Suggestions for your development
For Trainers: 7 tips for delivering effective skills training
•  Training in Action: In company courses - making the best choice
•  Offer of the Month: Train your trainers
•  The Light Touch: What if we train our people
Quote of the Month: The greatest barrier to learning
Next month's theme
  For Managers – Suggestions for your development


The secret of success, they say is to be ahead of the game. When was the last time you attended a worthwhile management training course? Whilst there are many excellent books on leadership, there are some managers who mistakenly operate with only one model. I still hear of managers who quote the book or the model they learned 10 or 20 years ago. The truth is that managers need to be flexible enough to operate across several leadership competencies. So here are some suggestions to help you decide what further development you may wish to choose:

If you would really like to make some fast progress and don’t wish to attend a course then consider asking about executive coaching sessions.

There has never been a more important time for managers to sharpen their skills.

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  For Trainers – 7 Tips for Delivering Effective Skills Training

1. Write clear skills objectives that include terminal behaviour and standards

2. Ensure that your ‘on the job’ trainers are trained and qualified to do the job properly

3. Allow plenty of time for your trainers to deliver the training effectively

4. Make sure that your training programme includes elements of understanding as well as job skills

5. Conclude the training session with an appropriate assessment – check the learning

6. Don’t sign off the learner until you have satisfied yourself that he or she will be truly competent when left to do the job alone

7. When your employee returns to work make sure that he or she receives support and encouragement

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  Training in Action - In company courses – making the best choice

By Syd Strike

I believe that the best trainers are actively involved in problem solving alongside the management team. To deliver training course in isolation (off the shelf training) may have a place in meeting needs identified during appraisals but this is a small part of the service that should be provided by the training organisation. The effective trainer designs and tailors training to meet organisational needs and works alongside management to ensure that the learning is transferred effectively back in the workplace. The trainer must also play a part in ensuring that the right learning experiences are provided to meet identified performance gaps. I have often been called in to companies to discuss the provision of team building and after discussion and facilitation have ended up taking the management team away to deliver facilitation of change management. On occasions I have been asked to provide time management training when in reality what the learner really required was help in leadership and decisiveness. So the trainer has a responsibility to help management decide on appropriate action, deliver the necessary solution and evaluate the outcome.

When the Human Resources Manager or Company Trainer is required to provide training he or she has a number of options:

Provide in company training using internal trainers

The advantages for this course of action are that internal trainers know the company and the culture of the company. Ideally you should also consider using this as an opportunity to develop potential trainers who can work alongside, and learn from your internal trainers. You also have numerous other internal opportunities such as on the job training (sitting with Nellie), e learning, mentoring and job shadowing. The limitations may be related to the limitations of your internal trainers who may base knowledge and skills only on their experience within your organisation and your employees will not be exposed to external ideas and networking opportunities.

Provide in company training using an external provider

The advantages of using an external supplier for your in company training are, that if you choose wisely you gain a wider depth of knowledge and experience and you release time for you and your training team to concentrate on your priorities and objectives. External suppliers are usually happy to tailor the training to your company specific needs. Limitations may exist around the training budget.

Send your employees on open courses

The real benefit of this course of action is the opportunity for your employees to meet people from other companies to share experiences and to network. The disadvantages may be cost, time, travel and the lack of opportunity to tailor the training to your company requirements.

Getting the right balance

At Syd Strike Training our aim is to help you achieve your objectives by working in partnership with you. We deliver those areas of training that you either do not have time to deliver, do not have the associated skills or resources, or where you recognise the benefits of hiring an external consultant who is detached from internal problems and can work objectively with your employees. We are also extremely proud of our success in weaving motivation and positive thinking into all of our training courses so that our delegates return to work buzzing with enthusiasm to put the learning into practice.

Some of our In Company Courses:

  • Appraisal Interview Skills
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Attendance Management
  • Coaching skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Complaint Handling
  • Conflict Management
  • Discipline & Grievance
  • Diversity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employment Legislation
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • How to put Zip into your team
  • Leadership Skills
  • Influencing Skills
  • Management Development
  • Mentoring skills
  • Motivation
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Performance Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Presentation Skills (Advanced/Persuasive)
  • Positive Thinking
  • Reception Skills
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Selling Skills
  • Telesales Skills
  • Telephone Skills
  • Releasing Supervisor Potential
  • Selection Interviewing
  • Team Building
  • Time Management and Organisation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Train the Trainer

In company fees vary but you may enjoy the benefits of our training courses from as little as £850.00 per course.

Many companies wait too long to provide training for their staff, causing unnecessary problems in performance and profit – so don’t wait book your course now.

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