July 2017
Issue 89

This month's theme - Attendance Management

In this Issue:

For Managers: How effective are you at managing attendance?
Take the test
For Trainers: Good People management activity
•  Training in Action: Adopt a manager
Offer of the Month: Bespoke Attendance Management Course
Quote of the Month: Management means …
 For Managers – 
How effective are you at managing attendance?

Try the test

People Skills – Individuals would say I am a good listener, I hold regular one to ones, I hold frequent two way, energised meetings and I am firm and fair

Always (5)
Sometimes (2)
Never (0)

I can you tell you the key points of my company attendance management policy

Yes – All (5)
Some (2)
None (0)

I make sure my direct reports understand and implement the company attendance policy

Always (5)
Sometimes (2)
Never (0)

I am competent at conducting difficult conversations

Always (5)
Sometimes (2)
Never (0)

I have invested in attendance management training for myself

Yes (5)
No (0)

I have invested in attendance management skills training for my key direct reports

Yes (5)
Some (2)
None (0)

My managers and supervisors are skilled at return to work interviews – they are not just tick box exercises

All (5)
Some (2)
None (0)

I work closely with HR to be effective in supporting employees through sickness and reducing absence management

Always (5)
Sometimes (2)
Never (0)

I and my direct reports have developed positive ways of assisting employees returning to work after long spells of illness

Yes (5)
No (0)

My department percentage or average days sickness has reduced in the past six months

Yes (5)
No (0)

Total Score



45 – 50 Amazing
40 – 44 Pretty good – what do you need to do next?
30 – 39 Perhaps time to invest in training or speak to HR
Below 30

Definitely - invest in training or speak to HR

Can we help?

  For Trainers – Good People Management Activity

Would you like a good icebreaker activity that you can use for attendance management training or leadership training?

Click here and we will send you an activityit’s yours for free




  Training in Action - Adopt a Manager

Your employees are going to be ill from time to time and loss of work hours through sickness absence is inevitable.

Sickness absence can be disruptive and costly. Unless we find some magic cure for illness we will always have to deal with sickness absence.

Can sickness absence be avoided? Yes, some absence can be avoided.

Managers who create a positive work climate, support team members, listen to team members and give team members a say in the way they do their jobs can help avoid some instances of stress, fatigue and low morale, resulting in reducing some absenteeism. And managers who support people during sickness absent may encourage and facilitate people back to work earlier.

According HSE “The total number of cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2015/16 was 488,000 cases, a prevalence rate of 1510 per 100,000 workers.”

Absence relating to stress can be avoided through good people management and good support systems.

Other illnesses could also be avoided by putting effective measures in place such as improving working conditions, safety, hygiene, comfort, seating, support etc … and …

When employees do take ill … following procedures, offering support and keeping contact can often assist an earlier return to work.

According to ACAS “There are some legal issues to take into account, but making sure your staff are well, happy and working effectively is largely a matter of doing the right thing and using common sense.”

So how do we help managers to reduce absenteeism?

Adopt a manager

When we deliver attendance management training we often use the "Adopt a manager" approach.

This is designed to help HR professionals at all levels support their managers and reduce absenteeism caused through sickness.

We have found that there are some managers who can really make a difference if they have the right support. Simply put it’s about constant contact, chatting, encouraging managers to ask questions especially before key return to work interviews. It’s a great development opportunity if you encourage new and junior HR staff to adopt a manager and work with that manager to reduce absence in the manager’s department. Everyone wins. The manager can see improved productivity because of reduced absenteeism, the HR person keeps learning and the company sees reduction in absenteeism. And that’s not to mention the effect on morale.

So how do you support your adopted manager? Just think about the key areas of managing attendance and discuss these with the manager. Review return to work interviews, identify any skills required by the manager and source appropriate help. It works – give it a go.

  • What are the key learning topics to consider?
  • Good people management
  • Return to work interviews – How to conduct and document
  • Contact at all stages
  • Procedure including Occupational Health support
  • Review meetings – How to conduct and document
  • Appeal Hearings
  • Skills of conducting difficult conversations

When I get better I’ll adopt a manager!!!!

Can we help?



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Quote of the Month


"Management means helping people to get the best out of themselves, not organising things."
(Lauren Appley)








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