January 2019
Issue 102

This month's theme - Recruitment and Selection

Not happy with your team? A new year may be a good time to reflect on two key factors about your role as a manager

Recruitment – Putting the effort into getting the right person

Retention – Having the right attitude and approach to the people who make things happen for you


In this Issue:

For Managers: Time Matters
For Trainers: Free training activity
•  Training in Action: Breaking old habits
•  Quote of the Month: Try hiring an amateur
•  Offer of the Month: let’s chat
•  The Light Touch: Pigs don’t sing
Next month's theme
  For Managers – Time Matters

Possibly the biggest mistake managers make regarding recruiting the right people is failure to put in the time … it is often a last-minute rush to pull papers together and plan an interview … most probably not long enough to really gain any useful information.

To fail to plan is to plan to fail …

Put time in your diary to plan your recruitment campaign activities

What planning? Ask us and we will send you a check list


 For Trainers: Free Training Activity

Would you like a training activity to use when delivering recruitment and selection training?

Choose an activity from the list below and let us know … we will email it to you … its free

The Team Balance – An activity to get your recruiters thinking about their present team and the gaps required when looking for new members … instead of just recruiting ‘more of the same’

Happy Motoring – a light hearted introduction to interviewing skills

The Process – A card activity to explore the process and identify what managers may need to be doing differently including good use of person specification, interviewing and probing and alternative selection tools



  Training in action: Breaking old habits

  • Recruiting from a job description
  • Relying on interview results
  • Failing to use an interview plan
  • Poor or no scoring
  • Too much emphasis on a process or value See our blog Breaking old habits
  • Poor interviewing skills
  • Linear interviews – Asking questions about a single subject instead of turning each response into a discussion.
  • Not investing time – How long should a good interview last? The answer is simple…

Learn more about this here.

Train your managers in recruitment and selection skills It’s worth the investment … see our quote of the month.



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More interesting topics for you to consider:

»Mistakes Managers make when recruiting
»Breaking old Habits in Recruitment
»Why Employees Give More
»You are Amazing
»Don't be an Ass
»Success is not Everything
»Believe in Yourself and be Happy
»Easy to make Mistakes





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Quote of the Month


"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur"

Red Adair World renowned oil well fire-fighter 1915 - 2004


The Light Touch

Never try to teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.


Paul Dickson




Set goals and achieve results




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